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I love working with color, shape and design, and love the great outdoors! Noticing nature's own design work and expounding upon it with brush and paint is a joy for me.

Whether working small or large murals, on a linear platform or cut-out shapes, for a public venue (often for children) or a private home, answering the challenge of creating art that complements a space and meeting the client's hope is exciting to me!

Illustrations for 'Sleep Well My Baby' by Lyn Wells Clark 2018

Maeve's Table 2018 ( Private Commission )

Illustrations for 'The Unlikely Adventure of A Turtle a Mouse and a Shark' by Lyn Wells Clark 2017

"Crab", 2016

"King Lobstah", 2016

"Funky Lobstah #3", 2016

"Funky Lobstah #4", 2016

"Gleeful Gardener", 2010

"Slim Reaper", 2010

“Baby Sea Turtle”, 2012

“Sea Turtle’s Home”, 2013

“Sea Horse”, 2010

"Happy Fish", 2007

"Calla Lilies", 2013